Marine Studies
Piers & Pillars performs a range of marine studies including independent design reviews, constructability reviews, feasibility and due-diligence studies, value engineering assessments, design alternatives and concepts, marine terminals ship-shore compatibility assessments, oil and container terminals layout verification studies, mooring system assessments and analyses, and navigation studies.
Marine Structures
We specialize in marine structures including seawalls and bulkheads, fender systems, mooring systems, mooring and breasting dolphins, and condition assessment and load rating determination for existing structures.
Geotechnical Engineering
Piers & Pillars provides geotechnical site investigation scoping, drilling contractor field supervision, soil and rock parameters determination for design, slope stability analyses, and advanced numerical analyses services.
Foundation Engineering
We provide pile foundation design and construction field supervision services, sheetpile bulkhead and cellular dolphin structures design, pile driveability analyses (WEAP), pile dynamic testing (PDA) field supervision services, retaining wall design (concrete and gravity), temporary excavation support systems design, tie-back systems design, and soil and rock anchors design services.