Pile Foundation Design

We have extensive experience with a variety of steel, concrete, and timber pile foundations and can help you design them to current codes and standards using a suite of state-of-the-art design software such as APile, LPile, and Group. We can run soil-structure interaction analyses to determine soil springs to be used in super-structure interaction analysis. We can write technical specifications and purchase order specifications for the pilings, if needed. For prestressed concrete piles, we can visit the precast yard during manufacturing to ensure manufacturing process complies with the current codes and standards.


Pile Dynamic Testing (PDA) Field Supervision

PDA testing is a quick and affordable test to verify pile design capacities and tip elevations in the field as well as establishing the final pile driving criteria. The test, however, needs to be performed according to the ASTM standards. We can monitor these tests and make sure the test standards are properly followed by the contractors. We can also review and approve PDA test reports.


Tie-back and Anchor Design

Tie-backs allow steel sheet pile walls (or similar walls) to be designed for much larger cut depths with economical sections. Soil and rock anchors are used for a variety of purposes, including slope stabilization, bulkhead support, pile tension anchorage, etc. We have designed these support systems for a variety of projects.


Sheetpile Bulkhead and Cellular Dolphin Design

Sheetpile bulkheads are economical solutions to create vertical wall surfaces where fender and other berth equipment can be installed, where the soil conditions permit. They can also used as flood walls or coastal protection structures. When the loads are large, filled cellular sheetpile structures offer flexibility over the pile supported decks. Cellular sheetpile structure can also be designed as standalone mooring and breasting structures. We have extensive experience with bulkhead walls, flood walls, and cellular dolphin structures. 


Foundation Construction Field Supervision

If you are concerned about pile foundations in your project are not being constructed to project specifications and design documents, we can provide site engineering services to monitor installation of piles and keep construction records including pile driving records to be submitted to Department of Buildings. As part of site support services, we can verify pile driving hammer is being operated at the required energy setting, confirm pile and hammer cushions are as specified, record number of hammer blows per foot, determine pile tip elevation when driving criteria is satisfied, and recommend if the pile can be accepted based on construction conditions and specifications. If your project requires Special Inspections, we can help ensure these inspections are done properly and your project is not delayed because of unjustified inspector demands.


Retaining Walls (concrete and gravity)

We have designed reinforced concrete and precast concrete block work retaining walls as well as sheet pile retaining walls bulkheads in different parts of the world for a range of soil conditions. If your project is in need of such walls, we can design them and monitor their construction. We can review contractor's means and methods for construction, or help you generate one if you are a contractor.


Temporary Excavation Support Design

We can put our retaining walls and tie-backs/anchors design expertise to use in your project if there is a need for temporary construction excavation support.


Pile Driveability Analysis (WEAP)

WEAP is an invaluable tool to avoid costly construction delays that may result from inefficient or insufficient pile hammers proposed and used by the contractor. If you are a contractor, we can run a WEAP pile driveability analysis for your pile hammer to ensure it is capable of driving the piles to project specifications before you take it to the site. If you are an owner, we can help you with contractor delay and change order claims resulting from pile hammers or hard driving conditions.